Riding the digital wave to a better future

There’s been much written and said already about how the global pandemic has accelerated digitisation in certain industries.

Banking and retail have moved rapidly towards contactless payment systems, virtual shopping experiences and automated delivery services. Government services are increasingly being offered virtually – even healthcare has undergone a transformation with increased use of online and virtual consultation sessions. In short, business and consumer behaviours have changed exponentially in a relatively short period of time – and these are just a few examples.

The industrial manufacturing sector is another I believe that needs to ride the thundering digitisation wave to unleash greater value in the supply chain, maximise production and minimise waste in the process. It’s one of the most exciting areas for me to consider as I prepare to step into my new role as CEO and Executive Director at InfraBuild – Australia’s leading integrated steel manufacturing, distribution and recycling business.

But while digitisation, at surface level, hinges on the implementation and use of technology – its ultimate success rests with people.

Having a workforce with the right skillset, enabled by learning and development and supported by a workplace culture that encourages lifelong and continuous learning is key to unlocking the true potential of Industry 4.0. Problem-solving, data analysis and having digital savviness are three core skillsets modern manufacturing workforces need to have in place to thrive and benefit from the promise of technology.

High-performing manufacturers know this and are already there. They’ve deployed training and recruitment strategies to develop their workforce in parallel to the capital investment in digital transformation initiatives. They now enjoy a competitive advantage as their people exploit predictive analytics and big data, digital tracing systems, robot-assisted production, sensor technology and use of digital-twinning or simulations to enhance business productivity, efficiency and overall performance.

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